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What is STOTT Pilates?
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'A man is as young as his spinal column' – Joseph Pilates

"I often tell my friends that starting Pilates with Shannon has been the single best thing I have done for myself. It is not often you find people who consider not just your physical wellbeing but take a holistic approach to mind, body and soul wellness. The combination of Pilates, sports massage and BodyTalk has had a significant positive impact on my life. I feel lighter, stronger, and happier and perhaps most importantly, I feel like I have the tools to face and process the challenges life may present and to use them as an opportunity to grow. I would recommend Shannon and Eugene without reserve. After all, who doesn’t want to better themselves?"
- Othelia Langner

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ICB Pilates Studio is a small but well equipped studio which places an emphasis on addressing individual needs and goals. Specific pilates programming caters for a wide diversity of people from young to old, varying lifestyle demands, social and professional athletes and rehabilitation patients referred from physicians.

What is STOTT Pilates?

Originally, Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1900’s. Pilates has since evolved into an increasingly popular exercise form that focuses on core strength, flexibility, breathing and posture.

The goal of pilates is a strong, lean, flexible and balanced body. This helps prevent muscle fatigue and pain from postural imbalances in the work environment and general life. It can also enhance sport performance and help prevent sport related injuries.

STOTT PILATES specifically, will help you develop optimal strength, flexibility, endurance and posture, without building bulk or stressing your joints.

Developed by professionals for professionals, the STOTT PILATES method is an anatomically-based approach to the original exercise method.

Before starting Pilates After starting a pilates regimen


Is Pilates for me?

Pilates will benefit you greatly, if you seek one or more of, or resonate with any of, the following:

  • Adaptable to all ages, levels of fitness or stages of injury rehabilitation
  • Increased flexibility and strength
  • Corrects postural imbalances
  • Good complement to all sports to enhance performance
  • No impact on joints
  • Lowers incidence of and promotes recovery from injuries
  • Develops lean, strong and toned muscles
  • Reduces stress and relieves tension
  • Whole body fitness
  • Challenges deep abdominal muscles to support the core
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Pilates for Sport

Experts have identified seven physical performance factors of great significance to athletes overall conditioning practices and rehabilitation of sport related injuries, including: posture, balance, mobility/flexibility, stability, co-ordination, functional strength and endurance – all of which are addressed in pilates.

Pilates develops strength in deep intrinsic muscles which takes the pressure off superficial muscles resulting in increased efficiency and speed and improved explosive power, agility and endurance. It focuses on balancing out muscles that are over-used and others that are weakened.

An athlete who is working from a strong stable core is also going to incur less injuries. The breathing focus of pilates also teaches the athlete how to improve on increasing oxygen uptake for increased muscle efficiency and also helps to sharpen concentration.

It is an ideal exercise form to supplement an injury rehabilitation program as it can be a challenging workout without much impact or excessive weight bearing. It is an excellent training modality for active recovery during pre-competition and post-strenuous activity. One can work through movement patterns that allow muscles and joints to achieve their ideal functional positions and sport specific skills.

Cyclists and runners - Pilates improves balance, corrects muscle imbalances, reduces lower back and neck problems, helps increase flexibility and builds upper body strength. It also helps build stronger leaner muscles which makes for better power to weight ratios.

Golf - Pilates improves rotational strength and range of motion in hips and shoulders for optimal back swing and follow through. Improved flexibility and back stability leads to improved power and accuracy.

Sport professionals love to do Pilates to help them perform and excel Qualified, professional pilates instructors can help you excel at your sport and get in you in peak form


Pilates for Rehab

Clients can rehabilitate from injuries safely with Pilates as it is a no impact and no excessive weight bearing exercise form. It focuses on recruiting the deep stabilising systems of the body which improves biomechanical efficiency and muscular balance along with increasing proprioceptive awareness.

Pilates rehabilitates effectively by progressive careful loading through the affected area. Programs will begin with a focus on strengthening the deep supporting structures of the body and then progress to more complex movements that integrate the injured area into full functional and sport specific or lifestyle movement patterns.

Biomechanical compensations are identified and specific corrections or modifications are given to improve the quality of movement patterns and strengthen the mind-body connection.

Whether you have been referred for rehabilitation of an existing injury, or you want to prevent injury, try Pilates Remedial Pilates not only help injuries heal, but can help prevent sport injuries


ICB Pilates Instructors

Currently we have three highly qualified, professional STOTT Pilates Instructors:

Our professional pilates studio caters to young and old, male and female, sports professionals, pregnant ladies and rehab referrals Shannon is the dynamic and passionate owner of ICB Studio


Pilates Prices

Private Matwork (1 person) R400

Private Reformer (1 person) R450

Semi-private (2 people) R275 each

Class (3-6 people) R145 each

All 1 hour sessions.


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