Integrated Consciousness Bodyworks:

Energy Medicine

We utilize a combination of energy medicine techniques, integrated with advanced Parama BodyTalk.

State of the art consciousness medicine techniques prioritize and correct frequency/information causal factors in compromised communication networks, thus allowing the body to heal.

Addressing the whole person, we respect Your body's innate wisdom and self healing ability...

STOTT Pilates

Our vibrant, well-equipped Pilates studio caters to professional athletes, pre & post natal moms, the rehabilitation & prevention of injuries and social fitness fans.

Our popular Pilates classes and 1:1 training focus on strengthening core stabilizers, increasing flexibility, correcting breathing techniques, spinal alignment, posture correction & the overall conditioning of body systems.

A balanced body is a healthy body!

Sports Massage

Specializing in the release of fascial tension-trains throughout the body, our highly trained massage therapists will assist in reducing pain and improving general function and performance.

Regular professional massage helps with tension knots, pain, mild detoxing, oxygen circulation, postural improvement & lengthening of muscles.

Place Your body in qualified hands.

Divine Empowerment

Embrace your Divine Evolution:

We offer 1:1 Transformation Sessions that we tailor to your unique body & energy healing needs by combining services/treatments offered.

We also offer a variety of exciting, Evolutionary Courses on a variety of topics.

Connect with us and Summon Your Inner Visionary.

"I have been training with I.C.B. for 8 months now and cannot imagine my life without these amazing people. The benefits are so much more than just exercise. Through Pilates and BodyTalk I have become more focused and centered, being much more aware of Self and what my body and mind need, in order to flourish. It's been such an inspiring journey, they know when to push you – beyond what I thought possible - and when all you need is a lie down for a good massage. It's empowering to feel stronger and fitter, both physically and mentally." - Karien Nel

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